Tantangan Dan Peluang Perguruan Tinggi Agama Islam Indonesia Menghadapi Pasar Bebas Tenaga Kerja Di Era Mea


  • Dwiya Endah Pandu Probowati


AEC, Free trade, Islamic College, Workforce


ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)  is a promising yet terrible moment for some communities in Indonesia. AEC has challege everyone in ASEAN to compete in freetrade era. Everyone in ASEAN region immediately must prepare themself as best as possible in order to compete in the business world that is increasingly competitive, both in his own country,in the ASEAN region and such countries which ASEAN has signed an MOU of freetrade, such as Japan, China, South Korea and so on. This paper briefly explain the history and purpose of the establishment of the AEC, describes the positive and negative impacts caused by the implementation of EAC in Indonesia, what should be prepared to deal with it in order to not be left behind and unable to compete and the role of Islamic Colleges (both public and private) in generating workforce in Indonesia. This paper also will shoot the uniqueness and shortcomings of Islamic Colleges and give some corrective advise to the Islamic Colleges so they can improve their graduates quality, so they will be able to compete with any workforce from everywhere all around the wolrd in the AEC competitive era.